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Internet and social media legal advice

Internet and social media legal advice

Advice on online harassment from internet and Social Media Lawyers

Social media lawyers, as opposed to general lawyers, have better tools and the right experience to help you bring to an end a campaign of online harassment. This is because handling online harassment requires a different specialism than general harassment.

Why seek advice from specialist Internet and social media lawyers

Whilst offline harassment is more concerned with the legal position of the parties, online harassment is usually linked to internet law and social media. Social media lawyers have the know-how to obtain disclosure orders from overseas, to directly communicate with lawyers who act for social media companies and to consider online reputation issues. There are a handful of social media lawyers in the UK. Cohen Davis is the leading law firm in this field and we specialise and practice social media and internet law only.

We have the experience behind us and many legal precedents that we have created over time to provide our clients with unique solutions to online harassments, which never existed before.

Social media law in the UK

In the UK, social media law is developing very fast. Generally speaking, the English legal system champions the rights of individuals to enjoy peaceful, quiet and private lives, over a right to unrestricted free speech. Our law firm is dedicated entirely to fighting for the rights of individuals within the realm of internet law. Our goal is protecting our clients from harassment, from exploitation and from undesired publicity.  As the internet is constantly changing, the firm is continually developing the tactics needed to successfully assist our clients, whilst using tried and tested strategies, and the technical expertise that is unique to the firm and to the experience of its internet law lawyers.

Cohen Davis, has the most reported internet harassment cases among UK based internet law firms and is blessed with a team of friendly, specialist harassment lawyers who are ready to assist victims of online harassment with short notice. Calls are free on: 0800 612 7211.

  • Harassed on OnlyFans

    C:\Users\yairc\OneDrive\Images\Internet Law Experts Images\HarassmentLawyer

    What to do if you are being harassed on OnlyFans

    If you're using OnlyFans to make some extra money, or as a content creator career, the last thing you want is to be harassed by other users. Unfortunately, harassment is a common problem on the platform. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the ways you can tell if you're being harassed on OnlyFans and what you can do about it.

  • Pile-on case study

    Pile-on case study

    Case study on pile-on and doxing

    This particular case study on pile-on and doxing exemplifies the exceptional legal expertise of our team and their unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of vulnerable individuals. Through exhaustive efforts, they were able to effectuate a significant and meaningful transformation in the life of a young girl who had been subjected to a relentless pile-on of online harassment.

  • Emergency harassment injunction

    Obtaining an emergency injunction

    Emergency injunction in the UK

    There are circumstances where the court will be willing to grant you an emergency injunction to protect you from an imminent risk of blackmail or harassment.

  • Blackmail on Twitter

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    How to handle blackmail on Twitter

  • Harassment of celebrities

    Internet harassment of celebrities

    What to do if you are harassed online

    Many celebrities have made the internet their preferred platform for self-promotion in today's digital age. Celebrities use the internet for sharing their work and showcasing their achievements. What happens when someone uses the celebrity's online fame to spread lies and to harass.

  • What is Pile-on harassment

    What is Pile-on harassment

    Pile-on harassment may soon become a specific criminal offence in the UK

  • About online harassment solicitors

    Online harassment solicitors

    Changing people's lives

    Our solicitors are all fully qualified and are highly experienced in handling harassment law cases, that have an internet element to them. Whether the harassment is perpetuated by a stranger, by a life or business partner or by a former lover or a date, as long as it is manifested on the internet, on social media or via an app, we will know how to handle it.

    Our full internet law service includes the tracking and identifying of

  • Urgent harassment injunction

    Urgent harassment injunction

    Taking out an urgent injunction to stop online harassment

  • Facebook family harassment case

    Facebook family harassment case

    Family harassment on social media

  • Instagram disclosure

    Instagram disclosure

    Identifying user accounts on Instagram

    There will be occasions where you might want to find out who is behind an Instagram account. You can obtain a disclosure order which will compel Instagram to disclose users’ information. This article helps you with the process of identifying user accounts on Instagram

  • Harassment and online exploitation

    Harassment and online exploitation
  • Breach of Privacy

    Breach of Privacy

    Everything that you need to know about bringing a claim for breach of privacy

  • How to handle online harassers

    How to handle online harassers

    4 important steps you must take before engaging with your online harasser

  • Privacy injunction

    Privacy injunction

    Everything you need to know about privacy injunctions

  • Online harassment legal advice

    Online harassment advice

    Online harassment is the same as harassment that happens offline, on the street or at home 

  • How to stop online harassment

    How to stop online harassment
  • Advice on social media harassment

    Advice on social media harassment
  • Norwich Pharmacal Order social media

    Norwich Pharmacal Order social media
  • Facebook harassment

    Facebook harassment
  • Identifying social media harassers

    Identifying social media harassers