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Harassment Lawyer website

This website is dedicated to Lindsey Goldrick Dean, our former client, who bravely decided to use her own experience of enduring harassment for over a decade, to support others, who still suffer from long-term harassment.

Lindsey wanted to provide them with valuable legal information and guidance on how to handle their own situations. Recognising the urgent need for such resources, the idea for this website was born.

To ensure the utmost relevance and usefulness, the website is regularly updated with the latest legal updates and real-life case studies of online harassment. These case studies have been carefully altered to protect the identities of those involved, respecting their privacy and confidentiality.

Lindsey played a significant role in writing many of the articles featured on the website. Her valuable insights and contributions have been instrumental in providing meaningful support and guidance to others who have experienced various forms of harassment. We are truly grateful for her dedicated efforts.


Yair Cohen,

On behalf of Cohen Davis

Online harassment solicitors

Changing people's lives

Our solicitors are all fully qualified and are highly experienced in handling harassment law cases, that have an internet element to them. Whether the harassment is perpetuated by a stranger, by a life or business partner or by a former lover or a date, as long as it is manifested on the internet, on social media or via an app, we will know how to handle it.

Our full internet law service includes the tracking and identifying of harassers, preventing misuse, publication and dissemination of private information and bringing to justice a prolific harasser. Our law firm, Cohen Davis was founded in 2013 by Yair Cohen, who has nearly 25 years of experience as a solicitor and a website coder. 

We now have a small team of lawyers, all of whom are dedicated to support individuals who are suffering from harassment and abuse online. Our firm’s strengths are founded upon our personal and professional relationships with some of the best internet law attorneys in the world, on whom we can always rely to assist and support us in the various jurisdictions.

We take on challenging cases of harassment, the types of cases which most law firms are unable to handle due to complexity or the lack of the necessary tools and knowledge. As such, we have had the privilege of creating dozens of legal precedents, more than any small law firm can claim to have, which helped many of our clients regain their lives. 


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