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Solicitor letter to stop harassment

Online defamation and harassment often go hand in hand and a solicitor letter could stop both

Online defamation, harassment and breach of privacy issues are hardly ever about receiving damages or compensations. In most cases, whoever brings a case for harassing defamation, does so to secure damage limitation.

How to respond to harassing defamation

Solicitor letter to stop harassment

How should you approach online harassment

How to respond to harassing defamation

If you, your brand or organisation have become a victim of online harassing defamation, you might feel urged to react emotionally, go on the offensive and fight back immediately. Before you do, you might decide to take a moment to pause and consider taking legal advice from a specialised lawyer that has many years of experience with protecting people from the ramifications of reacting to harassing online defamation, whilst dealing delicately and swiftly with the removal of the damaging information online, as well as setting legally binding, long term solutions in place. 

It is also worth bearing in mind that what you do post online, often in response to harassing defamation, could be used against you, so you might feel that it is prudent to think twice before posting and to always be aware of the possible implications of anything you might be posting on the internet. 

Individuals that have become targets of online defamation have little time for highly expensive and long trials, as well as major concerns over their reputation being protected. There is a lot to consider because by the time some defamation trials come to an end, there might be nothing left of their reputation.

This is why some victims, despite their suffering of humiliation at the hands of negative reviews and posts on forum websites and social media platforms, despair about taking legal advice on how to relieve themselves of the problem.

How to react over a negative review or damaging online forum and social media posts, could have you in a quandary. Reacting to a damaging post online too strongly, without legal advice, can increase the potential for reputational damage. It can turn online defamation into a PR crisis. 

Solicitor letter to stop harassment

You should have a solicitor letter to stop harassment activities sent to your harasser as soon as possible. This is in effect, a formal harassment warning. The vast majority of the harassing defamation cases that we deal with are likely to result in the removal of posts and in the consultation sessions, without our clients having to take legal action. In fact, dealing with the removal of harassing defamation from the internet without having to take legal action, is of paramount importance for most victims of online defamation and harassment. Often it is enough to send a solicitor letter to stop harassment, depending of course, who the sender is. If the law firm is known for this type of work and for taking cases all the way, where this is needed, a solicitor letter would be extremely effective to stop harassment. 

Taking legal action may not be the best way to deal with your online harassing defamation case when we start to consider the short term benefits and the long term consequences of your reputation. Winning your legal action in court might not be the success you are wishing for because often this comes at a price.  The secret is to set the focus on the right strategy for you personally and for your organisation or brand. 

How should you approach online harassment

How you handle a harassing defamation crisis and how you react delicately but thoroughly, would determine and hopefully limit the extent of the damage to your reputation, for the long term as well as the short term.

Strategic thinking is often more effective than anything else, including court orders. Before responding to damaging posts online, you may choose to consider, together with a solicitor that understands the internet, the law and from an reputational angle, the PR consequences of responding to the online posts and the success of legal proceedings.

Our approach for harassing defamation and reputation concerns is modern and up-to-date. We look at achieving a successful, workable outcome considering a case holistically; from a personal, legal, technical and entrepreneurial angle. When it comes to defamation online and damages, damage limitation to your reputation is more important. 

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