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Online harassment legal services

Our services include: 

  • Advise individuals and organisations who are being harassed online on the various legal options open to them and the cost-benefit analysis of each route

  • Resolve harassment cases, whenever possible, swiftly, without the need for formal legal action

  • Ensure that the case results in quiet settlements to protect the identity of our clients

  • Apply for an anonymity injunction in order to protect your identity throughout 

  • Locate the suspect's identity through websites, platforms and IP addresses

  • Secure an interim or final injunction to prevent further unlawful conduct

  • Serve injunctions via social media, if necessary

  • Obtain disclosure of information to help identify the individual(s) involved by way of a Norwich Pharmacal order

  • Deal with referrals for online reputation management

  • Remove images and videos and links to them

  • Track down perpetrators

  • Trace producers of sex videos

  • Secure copyright transferral and stage name trademark acquisitions

  • Remove comprehensive loops and links on the internet that contains the offensive material

  • Deal with privacy notices and data protection notices

  • Stop publications

  • Remove publications, swiftly

  • Advise on Terms and Conditions wording on your website to protect you and your users

  • Advise on the scope for bringing representative proceedings to protect a group or organisation

  • We offer a specialist service in relation to any multi-jurisdictional aspects of cases. We have connections with some of the top Internet Law Attorneys and Internet Crime Lawyers in the US and around the world 

  • Seek removal of the offending content by taking action against the individual(s) involved under a Cease or Desist order

  • Draft letters to publishers and hosting companies seeking the removal of offensive content

  • Go to the platform, operator or host of the site to remove or block comments, posts, images or links under a Notice and take down order and identify and ban the users involved 

  • Bring claims against online service providers

  • Bring a claim for defamation, harassment, malicious falsehood, breach of privacy, misuse of private information, breach of copyright and data protection breaches

  • Secure undertakings not to repeat the conduct, to further protect people that a criminal court would not award

  • Pursue claims for damages, suffered as a result of harassment

  • Secure legal costs from the defendant

  • Apply for Statements in Open Court and draft them

  • Secure delivery up of offending materials

  • Secure apologies

  • Instruct our investigative team and work with Internet Crime Lawyers in the US, to identify the authors of anonymous and pseudoanonymous content

  • Advise police and other organisations

  • Guaranteed confidentiality

The above list are only some of the online harassment services we offer. 

Our clients also benefit from the unique full project management system used with a PC or with a mobile device, that allows interaction with us 24/7 and thus keeps our clients updated up to the minute with every single aspect of their internet law case. Our clients have access at all times to their own files, which soothes any anxieties that they may have in the middle of the night and answers any questions without having to wait until the next day to call us. We developed it purely for our clients' reassurance at all times of the day, as with any legal case, not knowing what is happening, can add to any existing stress. Feedback from our clients is that the transparency and access to their files is not only reassuring and supportive but it instigates an immediate trust that they are in the right hands.

Our Internet Crime Lawyers are undeterred by any online harassment case and we will do what needs to be done, as we feel passionately about helping people that have become victims of online harassment.

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