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How to stop online harassment

Online harassment is terrifying, anxiety inducing and can easily take over your life

If you have become a target of online harassment, you may be in a quandary about what to do about it and how to stop online harassment. We know that we can help you.

Why it is important to seek advice about online harassment

What are the symptoms of online harassment

Does harassment have to be threatening to be considered a crime

What are the offline consequences of harassment online

Why it is important to seek advice about online harassment

Unfortunately, online abuse is an increasing inevitability, as the internet and social media have become inescapable parts of our lives and it isn't the internet that is the problem, it is the people that use it.

It has become a vehicle for mass hysteria, sextortion, revenge porn, abuse, terrorism, security issues, privacy breaches, impersonation, fake news, fake reviews, defamation, self harm and of course, the deep and darker and so on but online harassment is prevalent in all sorts of forms.

What are the symptoms of online harassment

A victim of online harassment will usually feel that their life has been disrupted and interfered with. If you are suffering from online harassment, it is quite likely that you feel that your life is completely disrupted and that you feel intimidated, traumatised, depressed and have increasing levels of anxiety, sleepless nights, unable to concentrate and are experiencing panic attacks. You could be feeling shame, embarrassment, loneliness and exclusion from online public spaces, all leading to feelings of extreme isolation.

We know that nearly every victim of online harassment, at a severe level, could be experiencing economic harms from the online harassment and even wider societal harms. In some extreme cases, you could be encountering psychological harms including self-harming and feeling suicidal.

Does harassment have to be threatening to be considered a crime

Noting that harassment does not have to be threatening, it just has to be a course of conduct (happening twice or more) and cause alarm and distress, it is no wonder that online harassment is escalating. It is not acceptable though and hateful speech online, abuse, bullying and harassment online is no more defensible than it would be if it was on the streets.  Online harassment can make you, as a victim, feel isolated and distraught. Reporting online abuse to the local police and for them not to do anything, reinforces the feelings of shame and embarrassment and encourages silence and isolation and then, where does that leave you? We have no doubt about your frustration and despair. 

What are the offline consequences of harassment online

Although these hostile encounters occur online, they can have serious offline consequences. Online harassment can be seriously harming for any person that is subjected to it. Our internet law experts at Cohen Davis take online harassment seriously and we are here to help all people that have fallen prey to this serious matter. We understand the psychological effects of being a target of online harassment, the reputational damage that can occur because of it and how to stop online harassment. 

You should not feel isolated and silenced. Speak out. Consult a lawyer from an internet law firm that has the experience and expertise, that assist people that have fallen prey to online abuse on a day to day basis. We feel passionately about assisting people with getting their lives back because we know how desperate you are feeling and how serious the consequences are of being a target of online harassment. We can often help on a no win no fee basis, so we advise you to call us for a confidential consultation to discuss the various options. 

We will do what we can to assist you and are undeterred by large and complex cases. Cohen Davis: 0800 612 7211.

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