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Online harassment victim help

Online harassment victim help

We provide support specific to internet and social media harassment

There is very little help and support available online for victims of online harassment. Finding legal advice, or any other meaningful advice that is focused on the unique issues of internet harassment is nearly impossible.

Charities that support victims of online harassment

Police support for victims of online harassment

Legal support for online harassment

Information specific to support victims of online harassment

Charities that support victims of online harassment

There are a number of excellent charities in the UK that provide help and support to victims of harassment. Some of the  most known charities are Victim Support which provides information support to victims of all crimes, including harassment, and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust which supports victims of stalking.  The Citizens Advice Bureau also has some advice and support to harassment victims. Unfortunately in nearly all cases, despite their best efforts, the advice provided by most charitable organisations in the UK is not specific to online harassment, which means it lacks the expertise and special undesrtanding that are needed to fully understand the issues that victims of online harassment need help with. 

Police support for victims of online harassment

Many individuals who suffer from online harassment do not know where to turn to for help. Reporting  online harassment to the police is important but in too many cases, unhelpful. 

Far too many victims of internet harassment are told that the police cannot help for various reasons, ranging from claims that their online harassment case is a civil matter to apparent issues of jurisdictions that cannot be resolved. Some are also worried about consequences of reporting harassment to the police because of possible further harassment, social embarrassment or the lack of anonymity in the criminal courts.

The very idea of reporting can exacerbate the anxieties that someone that is being harassed online can experience. Online harassment is unique as it takes many forms and can go on for as long as the harasser wishes, unless they are stopped. As a victim of online harassment, not having the police on your side, one hundred percent committed, could cause you significant mental harm.

Legal support for online harassment

There are lawyers who provide legal advice on harassment. There are many different types of harassment: Harassment in the workplace, sexual harassment, marital harassment or harassment by neighbours. Most types of harassment can be understood and advised by most lawyers, but online harassment is different.

It often involves completely different issues to other types of harassment. In some cases, online harassment might even involve entirely different areas of law. For example, a case which appears from the outset to be a classic case of online harassment, might turn out to be a case of misuse of private information or of breach of privacy or perhaps defamation.

Because of the unique features of internet harassment (as well as the unique way in which it impacts the victim), there are only a handful of solicitors in the UK who are able to provide an appropriate level of legal support to victims of online harassment.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than experiencing the moment where a client who is a victim of online harassment and who has come to us for support, receives their long-awaited apology from their online harasser or internet troll, often together with a sum of money in damages and a long term injunction. Our harassment solicitors and the entire support team are passionate about pursuing online harassers and internet trolls all the way to justice.

Information specific to support victims of online harassment

This website is entirely dedicated to providing information to help support victims of online harassment. In fact, the content of this website was created with the help and support of victims of online harassment who have been helped by our law firm. We therefore have tailored the information on this website to the real needs and requirements of so many of today’s victims of online harassment.

There are some reported online harassment cases and case studies on this website containing examples of how our harassment solicitors brought to a successful end long term online harassment campaigns but the vast majority of the cases we handle are never reported because upon our clients' request we are able to anonymise  victims of online harassment completely within any legal proceedings.

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  • Pile-on case study

    Pile-on case study

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    This particular case study on pile-on and doxing exemplifies the exceptional legal expertise of our team and their unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of vulnerable individuals. Through exhaustive efforts, they were able to effectuate a significant and meaningful transformation in the life of a young girl who had been subjected to a relentless pile-on of online harassment.

  • Emergency harassment injunction

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