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Why internet users require remove images legal advice

Online harassment could take many different forms, including that of publication of private images on the internet. Reporting private, harassing images to social media platforms often causes frustration to those who try. Reporting unlawful publication of private images to the police can also lead to frustrating outcomes. Unfortunately, victims of harassment by publication of private images often need 'Remove Images legal advice'.

Victims of online harassment who had their images posted online, have told us they were put off by what they felt was the Social Media’s robotic response to their requests to removing their images from the internet. In other cases, Social Media platforms simply took the harassing images down but then those images returned or had been reposted on the internet.

This solution is unsatisfactory to the harassed victim, who in many cases wants to ensure that there is a permanent solution in place for their harassing situation. Harassment by posting images on the internet often causes the victim a trauma that makes them feel even more anxious and debilitated. Other victims have said they aren’t familiar with online reporting, or feel too traumatised to do so.

We also know, that unfortunately, even if you do report harassing images to the social media sites, it isn't always a quick procedure and it isn't always successful, which fills people with more anxiety and helplessness. On top of that, victims fear that images and videos can be shared and linked in nanoseconds on the internet and be viral in no time, so waiting for a response from a social media site increases the chances of sharing. This in itself adds complexities because it is not just one platform to address but various areas of the internet where the image or video might spread to.

Acting fast to remove images from the internet is paramount to dealing with this issue and that is where Cohen Davis can help you because we understand the internet as well as the law and we have formed, overtime, strategies to assist our clients cleaning up the internet. The sharing of private images or videos of another person, without their consent and with the purpose of causing embarrassment or distress is another form of online harassment, which is both a criminal offence and a civil wrongdoing.

This harassment causes serious emotional, psychological and physical consequences for the people whose image(s) and/or videos have been posted and we have assisted many people with the removal of images and videos from the internet, when social media platforms have not responded or acted quickly enough. We have dealt with so many cases in this area and we understand the anxieties that you are feeling. It can be completely debilitating for you and we urge you to call us now to receive 'Remove Images legal advice'. 0800 612 7211.

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