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No win no fee harassment solicitor

In some cases we might be able to work on your online harassment case on a no win no fee basis

Victims of online harassment need serious help with a serious matter and financial means should not be hindrance and that is why we can often work on a 'no win no fee' basis.

This articles gives general information about how we might act for you on a no win no fee basis.  Further information is available in the article No Win No Fee Harassment Lawyers.

No Win, No Fee Agreement is the same as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). It is called "conditional" because your lawyers payment for working on your harassment case is conditional upon them winning it for a start.    

Before entering into a no win no fee agreement with you, a certain amount of work will be required to establish whether or not your case is likely to succeed as well as the likelihood of your lawyers being able to recover your legal cost from your harasser. Most solicitors will only take on a case under a no win no fee arrangement when they feel that the case has a good chance of success as a starting point. This will be determined during the first stages of the preparations and you might be asked to pay for at least some of the work involved in the assessment. 

Even if we work on your case with a no win no fee agreement, if you end up taking somebody to court and then you do not win the case against them, you could be ordered by the court to pay some of their legal fees. Some clients consider taking out an After the Event insurance policy to cover payment of the other side's costs should the case not succeed. There are guarantees in litigation, so it can be a wise thing to take an insurance policy out to cover any fees and sometimes, the insurers (like us) agree to deferment of payment on completion of the case. To obtain an After The Event insurance policy you will need an opinion from a barrister. 

We often work on your case, together with a  barrister and it needs to be agreed in advance how the barrister will be paid and whether they will act under a no win no fee agreement, too. 

So, if we work on a no win no fee agreement with you, we will agree on the terms and conditions with you before you enter this CFA agreement and we will clarify all of the details before any work commences. 

No win no fee agreements can provide a way for you to pursue a legitimate action for online harassment and get the justice you deserve if you do not have the financial resources usually required to do so.

It is important to instruct a committed solicitor who is willing to share the risk of the case with you and we act on this no win no fee basis regularly, so do call us today and book a consultation with us. Then, we can go through your case, look at the evidence and assess whether we can, if necessary.

We are passionate about helping people that are being harassed online and feel that just because some might not have the financial means to pursue an online harassment case, they should not feel prohibited from doing so. We will do our utmost to assist you and advise you about the possibilities of having the benefit of no win no fee harassment solicitor taking on your case when you book a consultation about your online harassment with us. 

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