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Legal advice for exploited sex workers

Why sex workers are the most harassed group of people in the world

Sex workers are without a doubt the most harassed group of people in the world. It is also one of the most vulnerable group of people who too often find that the law which is there to protect people from harassment, does not in fact protect them. 

Sex workers and the police in the UK

How sex workers are exploited by film producers

Legal advice for exploited sex workers

Sex workers and the police in the UK

Why are harassed sex workers reluctant to go to the police for help?  Sex workers, escorts, porn stars, strippers and online sex performers can suffer horrendous abuse and harassment, just as all people from all walks of life can, but perhaps more so because of societal stigmatisation or coercion. Sex workers often are left feeling vulnerable, persecuted and unsupported with any legal issues that they may have which is internet related.

Many sex workers do not go to the police feeling that they will be disbelieved, victim-blamed and perhaps face more violence for seeking help. Plus, there is the general consensus that there isn't a lawyer that would understand or represent them.

Often, sex workers choose to do sex work and manage their own business online. They do this through social media but very few control their own websites, let alone their films. Due to the stigma and lack of support for the safety of sex workers, this can leave many sex workers feeling vulnerable and isolated.  

How sex workers are exploited by film producers

Some sex workers that are controlled by others can find themselves in abusive, coercive situations from which escape is both difficult and dangerous, and they often fear their pimps or sex film producers. In some cases sex workers are migrants and fear deportation should they seek help and trafficked sex workers do not hold their own passports.

Many of these sex workers not only complain of fear for their lives but also of the ramifications of having sex film videos about them on the internet and also of a distorted sense of normality because of the mental power that the controllers have over them.

Sex video producers can often exploit the porn film actors, plying them with alcohol and drugs to get them to sign consent orders and release forms and all the while, humiliate them, sexually and physically abuse them, sell their sex videos all across the internet and keeping them under their control. Fearing for their lives and of exposure, many sex workers and sex video actors feel unprotected and at the mercy of their clients, pimps and sex film producers. This gives oxygen to the perpetrators of sex worker harassment.

Legal advice for exploited sex workers

There are very few lawyers in the UK who have experience in providing legal advice and understanding to sex workers. Legal advice specific to sex workers exists but difficult to come by.

Advising on online harassment, breach of privacy and coercive and controlling behaviour, as well as understanding how the internet works at the same time, is too much for most lawyers.

Removing images and sex videos from the internet is a specialist legal topic, which most lawyers in the UK are unfamiliar with. If you looking to seek legal advice from a specialist internet lawyer that understands the intricacies of the internet, we will be delighted to assist you. 

We don't care where you are from or what you do but we do care if you are being abused, harassed, treated badly and are feeling desperate for legal help. Acting for the vulnerable on the internet, is a specialism of ours. Let us help you now. 

Sex worker harassment legal advice is something that all our lawyers are trained to advise on. 

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