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Dating site blackmail

Harassment and blackmail against a sugar daddy

Dating site blackmail of a sugar daddy, often following a meeting on a sugar daddy website, is a seriously distressing and debilitating experience. Men who get caught up in the scam tend to be those who have a great deal to lose, so handling such a delicate situation requires experience and a true understanding of the issues involved.

Who are the victims of sugar daddy dating site blackmail

The law about sugar daddy dating site blackmail

How to handle a sugar daddy blackmail situation

Cost of getting rid of your sugar daddy blackmailer

Should I contact the blackmailer

Who are the victims of sugar daddy dating site blackmail

Victims of sugar daddy dating site blackmail are people from all backgrounds. Some are successful in their profession or trade whilst others might be known to the public - locally, nationally or internationally for a variety of reasons.

Our client, John, a successful and known businessman recently lost his wife after 20 years of marriage. He was now a single father with 3 teenage children. In his desperation for a companion he stumbled upon an introduction website and one evening he created a personal  profile on there. Shortly after, he was linked with a young lady from the Midlands who first appeared to be understanding, polite and warmly approachable, called Claudia.

Our client John and his new friend Claudia exchanged a number of WhatsApp messages after which they agreed to meet up for coffee a few weeks later. The meeting was very pleasant as they both got to know each other. During their meeting, they discussed the possibility that John would provide Claudia a monthly allowance of £1,200 and that they would both meet at least once a month for lunch or dinner. They both agreed to keep the arrangement confidential.

At the agreed date, John paid Claudia £1,200 to her bank account with the reference “gift” as requested previously by Claudia. The pair met again two weeks later for dinner, after which Claudia suggested that they go to her flat for coffee. Whilst in her flat, Claudia performed oral sex on John and later on, the two parted on good terms. The following day, John felt guilty and decided that he no longer wanted to continue with the relationship.

He met with Claudia for lunch on the following week and told her the way he felt. John explained to Claudia that as he had recently lost his wife, he felt that he was not ready for a relationship and that he had regrets. Claudia appeared to have accepted John’s decision and the two parted on good terms. Two days later, Claudia sent John a WhatsApp message where she claimed that she felt that John had taken advantage of her and that she was not going to keep quiet about it.

She told him that he needed to send £2,000 to her bank account to compensate her for his conduct. John who felt distressed, sent Claudia a message back to apologise and stated that he would send her the money by the next day. He asked her to leave him alone and not contact him again. A week later, John received another message from Claudia, this time to his work email address, which she must have located by carrying out an internet search. Her message said that she was about to lose her flat because she was unable to pay rent and that she wanted him to send £3,500 to cover her rent for the next two months.

At this point, John had decided to seek legal advice. His goal was to prevent Claudia from disclosing private information about him seeking an arrangement with her and about their sexual activity. He also wanted to put an end to the communications with her.

The law about sugar daddy dating site blackmail

Blackmail is a form of harassment, which by itself is both a civil and a criminal wrongdoing, which means that it can be handled by the police or by the victim independently through the civil courts. In addition to harassment, under the civil law, a victim of blackmail is also entitled to have protection of the private information, which relates to his relationship with the sugar baby.

How to handle a sugar daddy blackmail situation

The highest form of protection for a victim of a sugar daddy blackmail situation is to obtain an injunction from the court against the blackmailing sugar baby. The injunction is legally binding and a breach could result in a prison sentence following an arrest for contempt of court. This is usually a good enough incentive for people to comply with such court orders to the fullest extent.

Although serving an injunction is a highly effective way of attaining the blackmail victim's objectives, the costs of doing so is relatively high. Another option is to serve a cease and desist, or a harassment warning letter on the blackmailing sugar baby. This would include a demand for a number of undertakings on the sugar baby’s part and a threat of legal action if she did not immediately adhere to a number of reasonable requests.

This option may provide the victim of blackmail with less security than a privacy injunction, but it is a much cheaper option which might end up achieving a similar outcome to an injunction. We recommend that the cease and desist letter is served in person upon the blackmailing sugar baby and not by email or WhatsApp.

Cost of getting rid of your sugar daddy blackmailer

The costs of maintaining that a blackmailer is kept at bay are often far higher than the cost of getting rid of her.

Many of our clients who have already paid their sugar daddy blackmailer in excess of $100,000 have found great relief in learning that the cost of getting rid of their sugar daddy blackmailer was often a function of the extortion payment. Dealing with your sugar daddy blackmailer properly as early as possible, also makes it less likely that the blackmailer will execute their threats. The longer you leave it, the less your sugar daddy blackmailer has to lose.

Dating site blackmail in a sugar daddy situation is a serious matter, which requires investment of time, energy and resources by the victim. The starting cost of an application for an emergency injunction is at least £20,000, whilst dealing with the matter by way of a cease and desist letter and further communications could cost around £3,000. Depending on your situation, either of these options might do and will certainly cost you less than continually paying your blackmailer. Each case is judged by its own facts and merits and different cases involve different amounts of work, complex strategies and required expertise.

The cost therefore could be higher or lower, depending on the circumstances of the case. Sometimes we cannot tell how much evidence or how complex a case is, until we start preparing it. For all the preparation time, drafting and communications, we charge by the time we invest in the matter and we provide ongoing updates as to the cost.

Should I contact the blackmailer

In some cases it might be prudent to communicate with the blackmailer sugar baby to either buy time or to try and call her bluff. You should only continue communicating with your sugar baby blackmailer after you have contacted your privacy lawyer. Your privacy lawyer will advise you whether to do so or not. They will be able to advise you on the merits, the risks and the potential benefits of any post dating site blackmail communication with your blackmailer.

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