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Cohen Davis believe that you should have a good consultation, where you will feel understood, educated, empowered and aware of the possible next steps. The purpose of the consultation is to give you sufficient information to help you quickly start solving the matter.

We will listen, review the facts and history and relevant factors to your case and then we will explain all of your legal options and potential outcomes, as well as an estimation of costs. We will then give more thoughts and time after our consultation and we then send you all of that carefully thought out strategy in a follow up advice letter. It doesn't stop there because then we invite you to discuss the options available. In total, we average almost 5 hours in a consultation because we want to give you the best possible legal advice, support, options and outcomes that we can for your online harassment issue. We care about every person that comes to us with an online harassment problem and we want you to feel that genuine care and know that not only have you got your money's worth but that you called the right law firm.

Professional people sometimes offer initial free advice with a hope that they will capture you as a full paying client later on, and solicitors are no different. Be aware with free consultations, that these are usually very quick and those lawyers do not offer advice, they only listen and see whether they can help you. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you, as a person with an urgent issue to solve, understand the score.

Speak to us and you will get a full understanding of the relevant issues, enough for you to go and make important decisions.

Please see our list of frequently asked questions:

How long does the consultation last?

A initial consultation lasts between 60 and 90 minutes but we then we work on a strategic plan for you and send you a follow up advice letter, which we can then go through with you.

Would there be extra charges if the consultation goes longer?

If the consultation goes for longer than an hour and a half, there will be no extra charge for this.

Are you able to solve my legal matter in the consultation?

Sometimes we can solve your matter in the consultation and sometimes we can’t. It depends on how easy or complicated your matter is. More often than not, by the end of the consultation we are able to solve most of the issues that bother our clients. Very occasionally, we can provide strategic solutions which do in fact solve the matter very quickly and with no additional expense to you.

Can I supply you with information in advance of our consultation?

We do in fact ask that you email us as much information as you can ahead of the consultation so that we can get prepared and devote the consultation time to providing you with solutions. At the same time, on rare occasions where the amount of information that you intend to send to us is exceptionally high, we might advise you in advance that your matter is not suitable for a fixed fee initial consultation.

I already have a solicitor but I want to obtain a second opinion. Can I still take advantage of your comprehensive Consultation?

Yes you can obtain a second opinion. We think that if you have already spent thousands of pounds with your current solicitor and have doubts as to whether or not you have received value for your money, it is a very good idea to obtain a second opinion. It will give you a fair and objective second opinion on your matter.

I went on the internet and found lots of solicitors offering free consultations. Why should I pay for a consultation with you?

Many of the people who come and see us or who book their telephone consultation with us have already obtained free legal advice. Solicitors, like any other trade, sometimes offer free 15 minute initial consultations in order to capture new clients. Their focus is therefore on getting you to come back to them as a paid client so that they can recover the time they spent with you for free. It is worth bearing in mind that generally, in these free consultations, lawyers do not give advice, they only listen to see if they can help. We invest almost 5 hours in total, after a 60-90 minute talk with you in our comprehensive consultations, which is why they are so popular. We put together a strategic plan and advise you in a follow up letter and then on receipt of the letter, we then have a further discussion about your options and the way forward. The focus of the consultation is to give you sufficient information to solve your matter in the most effective way. This way, you get fair and effective advice and we get paid for our time. We are fully transparent with our costs.

It must be very expensive to speak with you. How much does a consultation with your lawyers cost?

The price of the consultation is £469 all inclusive and this is completely backed up with our Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee to make sure that you receive full value for your investment.

What if following the consultation, I want to instruct you to do further work for me?

If after the consultation you decide to instruct us, we identify with you what further work needs to be done. We then price it up for you with fixed fees and we give you a variety of different options. If for example the best solution to your matter is to send a letter to the other side, we give you the choice of writing it yourself, with our guidance, or to let us prepare it for you and deal with all the follow up communication for a fixed fee. We will cover all of this in a letter to you after our consultation.

What if I don't have a good case. Would you tell me this?

You can only get the truth from us. If you consider taking legal action, we will fully advise you on your chances of success as well as on reputation management considerations that you need to take into account. You can expect from us a straightforward answer whenever we can give you one. We know that you want to hear the truth either way. We will offer alternative solutions, if we feel that our services are not necessary for you, that are not profitable to us but are beneficial to you.

What happens if I am not 100% satisfied with the consultation advice? Can I ask for my money back?

The main aim of the initial consultation is to help you understand the issue that you are facing and to help you consider a variety of solutions to it. In short, we might not be able to completely solve the issue for you during the consultation but we will certainly add value by the information and knowledge that we share with you. In the unlikely event that following your consultation with us you did not feel that we added at least £369 worth of value to you, you can ask for your money back and we will honour your request with no bad feelings.

Do you offer telephone consultations as well?

Yes we conduct many consultations over the telephone and skype because it suits many of our clients better, due to distance and time zones. You can speak to us from the comfort of your office or your home and without delay.

I work throughout the day and then I am with the children until they go to bed. Do you offer consultations outside of regular working hours?

Yes we do carry out consultations after regular working hours. Many people, especially parents of young children can only find a quiet time during the late evenings. We therefore offer at least one telephone consultation each evening between 19:00-21:00. However the demand for late evening telephone consultations is very high and you might need to book this in advance. If you are calling from overseas, we can schedule a time for this, too.

What shall I do in preparation for a consultation with Cohen Davis?

Write down your issue and any information relevant to it and tell us about the online harassment you are receiving and in what forms. Tell us where they are occurring and any website addresses, whether you have reported it to the police and if you know who is doing it or not. Try and tell us as much as you can. We will ask you to send us this prior to the consultation, if there is time on your side. Remember to keep evidence of everything, even if you do not decide to have a consultation with us. You will need it for any legal pursuit.

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