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If you are a target of online harassment, it is likely that you want to know what laws your harasser is breaking and what practical steps you can take to make the harassment go away. You also need good harassment solicitors on your side.

Sadly, too often, the police who are meant to help, tell targets of online harassment that nothing could be done or that the issue is a civil matter rather than criminal. Due to the complexities of Internet Law and the global nature of the internet, far too many targets of online harassment are being let down by the authorities who suffer from a chronic lack of knowledge and resources. There are only very few harassment solicitors who specialise in helping victims of online harassment. 

For victims of online harassment, however, rejection by those they turn to for help makes matters far worse. For 23 years, we have been helping victims of online harassment get their lives back.

Harassment does not have to be threatening. It is usually sufficient for the act of harassment to be persistent, unrelenting and unwanted and to cause the victim alarm or distress.

Harassment is both a criminal offence and a civil wrongdoing. Whilst most harassment solicitors specialise in either civil law or criminal law, each harassment lawyer in our firm is trained in both which means we can give you advice as to which type of law is most likely to win you a case. From a relatively fast grant on a civil injunction against harassment to the initiation of a private prosecution at the Magistrates Court. In between, there is much more that you can do, with the right help and support, to bring the harassment to an end. 

Making online harassment stop is what we do.

Our harassment solicitors treat each online harassment case as a personal mission. Usually, our goals are to:

  • Remove the offensive posts, images and videos rapidly, from the internet
  • Track perpetrators and make them accountable
  • Make the case as affordable as we possibly can to our clients, including whenever possible, to work on a 'no win no fee' basis
  • Stop publications and remove publications, swiftly
  • Resolve cases without the need for formal legal action (a letter from us can be enough for them to admit and pay your legal costs and give you compensation) 
  • Ensure that the case results in private, quiet settlements to protect the identity of our clients
  • Bring all legal claims and secure injunctions, copyright transferrals of videos and websites - on anonymous and pseudo-anonymous perpetrators, too
  • Secure damages for victims of harassment and have their legal costs paid by their harasser, together with an apology.

Our team of harassment solicitors have helped many targets of online harassment get their lives back. Most of the cases we do are not reported due to confidentiality but you can read about some of the individual cases here under the section harassed online.

Even though victims of harassment may not have been assaulted in the physical sense, the psychological and physical effects shouldn’t be underestimated and can often amount to a personal injury, giving rise to substantial damages. 

Because we know how to assist you with your online harassment matter, when you call us, you will know that you have made the right decision right away. Our harassment solicitors are super friendly and highly knowledgeable and will be able to answer all your legal questions. 

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Lindsey Goldrick Dean talked more about being a survivor of online harassment with Internet Lawyer Yair and you can read the short interview here.