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Private funding of harassment case

Funding an online harassment case privately enables you to move fast

When you fund your harassment case privately, provided you are able to, you will usually  be able to move fast and often in the most cost effective manner.

A 'private funding of harassment case' means you can move fast. We will undertake the work only if we believe you have a reasonably good prospect of success. In many cases, you should be able to recover at least some of your legal fees from the harassing party, provided you win your case and provided they have the means to pay. Legal costs are separate from the damages and compensation that the court may award you. 

Should we lose, where your alleged harasser is found not to be liable to your harassment, which we do not expect to happen, you could become liable to paying some of the other party's legal costs. We will go through this with you in more detail if your case has to go to court.  

Whenever we can, we may offer you a fixed fee, for at least some of the work we carry out for you. This should give you the certainty of knowing what your legal costs are with no surprises. On our part, we then carry out the work regardless of the efforts it takes, with a total commitment to your case. Fixed fees also protect you against unforeseen circumstances such as delays which do, from time to time, occur. 

Our letter of recommendation after a consultation will give you all of the details of our assessment of your case and show the legal practicalities of the case and what we can do for you as well as an initial estimation of legal costs.  

You can find more information about the initial consultation here. 


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