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Bar Pro Bono Unite - Advocate

How to get free barrister representation for your harassment case

If your harassment case ends up in court, it is likely that you will need a barrister to work alongside your solicitor and to provide you with full legal representation. Your barrister and solicitor will form the legal team that will see your case through from beginning to end.

Hiring a barrister could substantially increase your legal costs. If you are unable to afford legal representation in your harassment case, you might be able to be have a barrister who will work, together with your solicitor, on your harassment case, free of charge.

Bar Pro Bono Unit - Advocate help

Bar Pro Bono Unit - Advocate, is a charity that provides pro bono (free) legal assistance from volunteer barristers. Many people apply to Advocate for free legal representation by a barrister so if your case is complex, it would help your application if you could show that you have already secured the services of a solicitor. It would mean that the work will be split between your solicitor and your pro bono barrister.

Usually, a barrister from the bar pro bono unit Advocate will be able to assist you with advice, representation and help in preparing your case to court and even attend court in all the hearings on your behalf.  Pro bono assistance is only available to those who cannot afford to pay and who cannot obtain public funding (Legal Aid). A pro bono barrister might work with a solicitor regardless of whether you pay your solicitor for her work. The solicitor might also provide you with legal representation on a pro bono basis or on a no win no fee basis or under any other financial arrangement. Your financial arrangement with your solicitor is separate from your arrangement with your pro bono barrister.

We are happy to provide a letter of recommendations on cases that we take on, to help enhance your application to the bar pro bono unit Advocate for free legal representation by a barrister. 

If you have already secured the legal support of an Advocate barrister in your harassment case and are requiring a solicitor to work alongside your barrister, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will assess your case for a variety of funding options. This will ensure that your legal presentation is complete and is to the highest possible standards. 

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