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Stop online harassment

Stop online harassment

We provide legal help and support to help stop online harassment

There are very few solicitors in the UK who understand online harassment and who genuinely appreciate the unique experiences of online harassment victims. Many individuals who suffer from online harassment do not know where to turn for help, having been told that the police cannot help them through lack of resources, or that the online harassment which they suffer from is in fact a civil matter and is of little or no interest to the police.

How much help to expect from the police when reporting online harassment

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How much help to expect from the police when reporting online harassment

Despite the fact that online harassment is a criminal offence, when victims try to get help from the police, they are often told that there isn't anything the police can do. For most of those who seek help with online harassment, the law is unclear and ambiguous, which means often, they feel desperate and lost. The police often give misinformation about online harassment, about what constitutes online harassment and about the law which governs it. We find that the police in many cases are dismissive of obvious cases of online harassment and by doing this, allow victims of online harassment to be condemned to a life time sentence of harassment, abuse and low self-esteem.  

How can you stop online harassment

There are various ways and tools that might be available to you to stop online harassment. We provide legal advice, which is dedicated and suited for different individuals and situations. Some online harassment cases have already lasted for a very long time, before our solicitors have been approached. In other cases, the harassment has just started recently and can fairly easily be contained.

The most important thing, for anyone who is being harassed on the internet, is to understand your situation and what options are available to you to stop the online harassment. There might be budget issues which could affect the way you go about, or there might be other pressures, such as family, background or culture. 

Knowing where you stand and understanding your situation and the available solutions, is always the first step in solving problems in life, and online harassment is no exception. 

Because getting help with online harassment is challenging, we share with you here, in as much detail as we possibly can based on our own experience and the experience we are accumulating on a daily basis about how to stop online harassment.

This also includes the laws, the practices and the individual stories about online harassment. We want individuals who seek help with online harassment, to know that they can read, educate themselves and obtain credible legal advice on how to deal with and resolve the matter of online harassment that bothers them so much.

We have produced hundreds of online harassment articles, based on real cases, and on dozens of interviews with victims of online harassment who told us their stories and were kind enough to share their experiences of online harassment with us.   

If you are a victim of online harassment or cyberstalking, learn and educate yourself as much as you possibly can. Understanding the law and the issues is an important step in the right direction of making the harassment go away for once and for all.

Further legal advice on online harassment 

Always feel free to call us, to talk about your experience and to seek advice and help with the online harassment matter that might bother you. Call us and speak to our friendly team of internet law experts, who have helped resolve some of the most difficult cases of online harassment in the UK. The call is free: 0800 612 7211.