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Giving Back to our Community

Cohen Davis believe that we have a duty to do our part to make the internet a safer place. Our support of our community consists of four parts:

  • Providing financial support to charities whose aim is to promote, support and educate young and vulnerable people in relation to internet safety

  • Volunteering our expertise to educate young and vulnerable people about internet law and internet safety

  • Giving our time to the causes

  • Fund raising

We donate a portion of each fee that we receive, to charities that support children who are victims of internet bullying and harassment and so that we can assist vulnerable people with serious internet related crimes, that do not have the means for legal help.

The Breck Foundation

Breck Bednar was a 14-year-old boy who was murdered on 17 February 2014 in a flat in Grays, Essex, England after he was lured online to go and meet with a psychopathic man who then murdered him. This is the worst nightmare of every parent. Breck’s mother Lorin is an amazing women who established The Breck Foundation, so that no other parent or guardian has to suffer the same heartache that she has. The Breck Foundation's aim is to raise awareness of online dangers and train police, educators and other safeguarding leads, as well as promoting responsible use of the Internet among parents and children.

Breck’s mother was a hands-on parent when it came to monitoring her son’s online activities. So much so, that she contacted the police to alert them about Lewis Daynes, who eventually murdered Breck but the police did not take her seriously enough, or at all.

Cohen Davis is very proud to be associated with the Breck Foundation. Our MD Yair Cohen is a member of the Breck Foundation Board of Trustees and the firm provides regular financial contributions and legal advice to the charity.

Our financial contributions to the charity are made through a donation of a portion of each fee that that we receive from each of our clients so we thank all our clients for their kind generosity.  

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