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Legal advice stalking and harassment

Practical legal advice for victims of online stalking and harassment

There is very little practical legal advice available for victims of online harassment on the internet. Online harassment is a highly specialist area of law which requires understanding by a lawyer that knows how the internet works. Victims of online stalking and harassment often find that there is very little practical advice available to them. The reason for this is that in most cases, cyberstalking and online harassment are areas of law which very few solicitors have extensive experience with. 

The lack of legal aid for most cases of online stalking and harassment have made access to justice in these areas of law a rare commodity. However, it is important for victims to speak to a specialist lawyer about online stalking and harassment before making a decision to take a particular action against your talker as often your action against your online stalker will have consequences, which would either improve your situation or make it much more intolerable. 

Why victims struggle to receive proper legal advice for stalking and harassment

How to obtain online stalking and harassment legal advice

Speaking to online stalking and harassment solicitors

Why victims struggle to receive proper legal advice for stalking and harassment

Too many victims of online stalking and harassment go on for far too long without having the benefit of receiving the legal advice for harassment they need. There are a number of reasons for this. First, there are very few lawyers in England who specialise in online harassment. General criminal harassment or harassment in the workplace are completely different to online harassment. The challenges that the victim of online harassment faces are often misunderstood by lawyers who specialise in general cases of harassment. The other reason why victims don't receive the legal advice for harassment that they need is the perceived costs that will involve in the lawyer understanding their case. Online harassment cases can be very complex, which means it is unlikely they will be fully understood in a short meeting with a lawyer.

How to obtain online stalking and harassment legal advice

This website was created to give as much general legal advice to victims of online harassment. Every case is different which means, you will need to see a specialist solicitor to advise you on your specific circumstances. This website should give you enough understanding of practical legal issues concerning online harassment, so that when you decide to go and obtain a solicitor's legal advice, you will know pretty much immediately whether the lawyer really knows what she/he is talking about.  

To overcome some of the reasons why victims of harassment don't receive the legal advice they need, we have created a specialist online harassment consultation with a specialist online harassment lawyer. They will understand, fairly quickly some of the most complex online harassment cases and can offer good, sensible advice at an affordable cost. Our legal advice for harassment consultations are extremely popular.  You can read more about how our harassment legal consultations are conducted. 

You already know that  online harassment is a serious matter that requires specialist legal advice so we believe that everyone deserves the utmost respect, attention and dedication. Internet law related issues tend to be sensitive and complex and have massive implications on the well-being of those involved. Victims of online harassment  who get in touch with us for legal advice, do so because they need specialist advice, often about what to not do about their online harassment matter, as well as thorough consideration of the reputational consequences of each possible action.

For these reasons, consultations very rarely last for less than an hour and often go on for much longer. We take plenty of time to prepare for them in advance and to follow up with any questions and plans of action. The conversations tend to centre on  what course of action would best suit you with your unique circumstances.

Speaking to online stalking and harassment solicitors

Speaking to an online stalking and harassment solicitor could be difficult particularly if you have been harassed for a long time or if you feel that the harasser has devastated your life. The experience could be highly emotional and so you will want to make sure you get the right solicitor first time round.

There are lawyers who offer a 15 minute ‘freebie’ or short telephone legal advice which is hardly ever going to be sufficient for the solicitor to fully understand what you are going through as victims of online harassment often have many important details to tell their solicitor and without those details the lawyer is unlikely to understand or appreciate what the case actually involves. 

We chose a different approach. We offer a comprehensive online harassment initial consultation. 

On average, each legal advice for harassment consultation we deliver takes 4 hours and 20 minutes from beginning to end. It includes useful and comprehensive legal advice from an experienced internet lawyer who understands the legal side as well as how the internet works. Most importantly, we look at your matter holistically and what a successful outcome for your online harassment will be best for you personally and for the long term. You can hardly achieve this with a free 15 minutes quick legal advice. The average consultation includes:

  • 30 minutes of preparation prior to the consultation.

  • 1 hour and 15 minutes in a meeting/consultation with our client.

  • 1 hour and 10 minutes in follow up thinking and research.

  • 20 minutes in internal discussions among the team, drawing out from our experience in handling matters that have been similar to that of our new client.

  • 65 minutes in preparation of an initial strategy and the drafting of a legal advice letter, which we send to our client.

We invest this time happily, with the knowledge that each of our clients are receiving the best personalised legal advice about their online harassment issue that they can possibly source. Considering the time that we invest in a consultation, it is no wonder that many solutions are solved without taking the matter further and also, why they are so popular. 

From each consultation fee, we immediately deduct an average of 5% and place it into our charitable fund, The Cohen Davis Foundation. The charitable fund allows us to deliver the same quality legal advice to victims of online harassment who are unable to afford paying for legal advice but who suffer from the unbearable pain due to the ongoing harassment.

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