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Help with online harassment

There are many different situations of online harassment. Each situation represents an entire world of horror and distress to the harassed victim.

We encourage you to read and learn about your situation, educate yourself and strengthen your ability to win the battle against your online harasser.

  • Breach of privacy

    Breach of privacy

    Breach of privacy laws UK and legal action

    Breach of privacy by an

  • Cyberstalking


    Legal advice about cyberstalking

    Cyberstalking involves both a criminal offence and a civil wrongdoing. You can either ask the police

  • Defamation and harassment

    Defamation and harassment

    Removing defamation from the internet when the defamation is also harassment

    Defamation and harassment often go hand in hand. In

  • Harassment against a company

    Harassment company

    How to bring legal action for online company harassment

    Online harassment against a company often takes place in circumstances where

  • Harassment by text messages

    Harassment by text messages

    Harassment by text messages is now one of the most common forms of harassment in the UK

    With the increased use of mobile telephone

  • Identifying internet trolls

    Identify internet trolls

    How to identify anonymous trolls 

    Internet trolling legal advice was not available in the UK until around 2012 where Yair Cohen

  • Influencer and celebrity harassment

    Influencer and celebrity harassment

    Strategic advice to celebrities and influencers who are harassed on the internet

    Celebrities and influencers are often being trolled

  • Internet blackmail

    Internet blackmail

    How to deal with internet blackmail and extortion

    Blackmail on the internet takes many forms. Dating websites in particular,

  • Internet trolling case

    Internet trolling cases

    Examples of cases where internet trolls have been exposed 

    You can track the trolls no matter who they are or where they

  • Online harassment by family

    Online harassment by family

    Family members and relatives who are harassing you online may be vulnerable to criminal charges

    When you think of harassment, you

  • Online harassment case

    Online harassment cases

    The most important online harassment cases in the UK

    If you want to know whether your case of online harassment can succeed in court,

  • Online harassment law in the UK

    Online harassment law in the UK

    Is internet harassment a crime or a civil wrongdoing

    There is often a confusion about internet harassment on the question whether it

  • Porn harassment

    Porn harassment

    Porn and online harassment of sex film actors often go hand in hand

    Sex workers, porn stars and sex video actors can suffer

  • Revenge porn

    Revenge porn

    Help for victims of revenge porn

    Revenge porn is not just about some ex that is sharing your image online. It is a serious criminal

  • Social media harassment

    Social media harassment

    Social media harassment and the sharing of images and videos via Social media

    Social media harassment often happens by sharing

  • Tech abuse UK

    Tech abuse UK

    What to do if someone else is unlawfully controlling your access to electronic devices

    If you believe that your email, your mobile


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